Venture Studio

Motivated by our foundational tenets, our innovative process procures proficient and consistent start-up creations, yielding social impact and profitability.

Social Impact Initiatives

Committed to ending the perpetuation of poverty crime and prejudice, we create inventive solutions to improve the conditions of the poor and marginalized.

Research Center

Dedicated to meticulous, conscientious and systematic investigation of social issues to understand the required measures for the most effective and efficient solutions.

Years of Carmelite Tradition
Years of History
Grounded in Carmelite Tradition.

Creating Impact in the Present.

An Ecosystem Powered by Faith, Truth and Objective Love.

The Teresian Institute of Ethics is dedicated to helping the poor and marginalized through education, enlightenment and empowerment. Our ecosystem provides a supportive community focused on helping each participant grows spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

Unexpected, yet powerful.

A monk of 34 years and a 21 year old whiz kid meet at a coffee shop. What happened in the months following their initial meeting led to the creation of an organization built on the values and principles both lived in their personal and professional lives.

Dennis Wyrzykowski

Dennis Wyrzykowski

The Compass

The visionary leader of the Institute of Ethics. Focused on creating an environment of love, truth and faith.

Samuel Thompson

Samuel Thompson

The Captain

The operational leader of The Institute of Ethics. Spearheads strategy, execution and business operations for Institute projects.

We have made a conscious decision to lead with our hearts before our wallets.

Dennis Wyrzykowski President, Institute of Ethics

Metronome Project

Serving under-represented artists and disadvantaged youth through the positive influence of music. Our world-class recording studios and artistic incubators provide the community, resources and support our members need to create a career in music.



An online community dedicated to providing mentorship, educational resources and growth services to students, creators and entrepreneurs looking to create opportunities through social media.

Bluum Technologies

Bringing digital marketing metrics to physical retail stores through a proprietary hardware and software designed to provide a more complete understanding of customer behaviors in stores. 

Mindspace Platform

We created the world’s first online note-taking application specifically designed to support students with dyslexia. We have found that 20% of American students experience dyslexia related struggles in the classroom.


Students with Dyslexia

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